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Blackout is a gaming community founded in 2013 by dccs120. Our servers are available for players of all ages to come and play with friends. Zombies are out there to hunt them. Don't waste your time waiting..become a hero..

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Find Community and server rules here.

Community rules

  1. Any harmful material (viruses, pornographic images/links, links to Discord servers that involve the aforementioned, e.t.c) results in an immediate and permanent ban.

  2. Inappropriate language (excessive swears, racial slurs, deliberate attempts to instigate negative reactions, etc) will be removed and the User(s) in question will be given a written warning, kicked or banned depending on severity.

  3. User(s) that repeatedly post off-topic in other channels deliberately will be kicked or banned depending on severity.

    Any topic of conversation outside its channel is considered to be off-topic.

  4. Repeatedly @mentioning the Community Owner , or Moderator can result in a kick/ban at that persons discretion. General rule of thumb: If you wouldn't want someone messaging you like that, don't do it to us.

  5. No advertising Discord Servers, or other programs, websites or services. This includes DM’ing unsolicited invites, or putting an invite as your playing status.

  6. There are Moderator around to take care of making sure these rules are enforced. If someone is breaking rules, please ping a Moderator, or the moderator role, and do not attempt to moderate the conversation yourself.

  7. If you are in a closed environment, such as a train, and wish to listen to music or a video, use your headphones instead of blasting it at full volume through the speaker.

  8. No tags in discord server.(discord)

  9. No tags in the nick.(discord)

  10. Keep all non-English languages in non-english.(discord)

  11. This list does not constitute the full list of rules.

    At all times try to use common sense and good judgement for any action you're about to take.

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